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Paradise on Earth Collection Timepiece


The purpose of this collection is to show that we as citizens on this beautiful planet should always remember to take care of Mother Nature. As she constructed the four elements to keep herself majestic and heathy, we must remember that we are apart of her landscape.

"We have been given permission to step among her creations.
Walking through the misty forest;
We hear the gentle rain, touch the lush soil, breathe the raw air, and see the never ending heavenly production displayed by her.
For her, the show never ends.
So we shall nurture our mother as much as we can."
The celebrate Earth Day everyday, not just April 22.

Each piece of this collection was thoroughly constructed and reviewed to behold meaning.

The title of this collection, "Paradise on Earth", is meant to remind us that life is simply beautiful. We are given life to be free, be curious, and be ourselves. We all have our own story to tell and adventures to experience. But most importantly we must remember that Earth is to be praised, not destroyed, as not one of us owns this majestic planet. The color palette consists of ivory, mocha, and olive to portray earthy hues for the resemblance of tone and definition. The design artworks are set in place to ignite the creativity by the audience.

There are three pieces to this collection. Pythagoras, the ancient Greek philosopher, understood that all numbers had meaning and created a higher level of significance. The number three represents - past, present, and future; birth, life and death; beginning, middle, and end - the number of the divine.

Below we explain the thought process and meaning behind each collection piece for all of you! We encourage you to stay curious and explore more about the Paradise on Earth collection.
Design #1:

Name: Earth Hoodie
Style: Hoodie
Color: Ivory
Cut: Monte Carlo

The design artwork on the front of the hoodie displays the brand name sprouting through the top of Earth. It represents ambition worldwide. Whoever you are, wherever you live, and whatever your background, we each have our own version of ambition flowing through our veins ready to come alive. We all live together on this wonderful planet, so together we can achieve the impossible by releasing our inner ambition.

The design artwork on the back of the hoodie showcases the brand logo wrapped around the infamous recycle sign. This sign represents all ways to protect our planet. Planting trees, cleaning our beaches, reducing the use of chemicals and more. To continue our Paradise on Earth, we must keep Mother Nature heathy and happy. "Earth loves you. Love it back."

This piece of the collection is a reminder that we all are unique. But don’t forget that when we grow as individuals and as a community, never to leave Earth behind. Let us praise and thank Mother Nature for giving us the opportunity of life.
Design #2:

Name: Earth Sweatshirt
Style: Crewneck Sweatshirt
Color: Mocha
Cut: Milan

The front of the crewneck is supposed to resemble the iconic 1940's vintage postcard announcement. Curt Teich, the original creator of the postcard theme, set out to depict all of America's landscapes and natural wonders and with this, grew the tourism level to an all time high. We took this inspiration and used it as a stepping stone to create a version of worldwide travel and creativity. "Greetings from Paradise", where the word Paradise mimics the phonetical spelling of the brand name. Each of us holds our own interpretation of paradise in a unique state of mind. This design not only allows us to continue to cherish our space, but also keep an open thought to exploring more.

The design artwork on the back showcases earth parachuting through clouds.
Earth is created as a cartoon character to signify it's in-organic structure and show that no one is perfect but we can still express happiness and embrace freedom. The parachute signifies that we will all be guided in life with support and we will venture through different opportunities around the world.

This piece of the collection is a reminder to keep earth happy, so in turn we can continue to have Paradise on Earth.
Design #3:

Name: Earth T-Shirt
Style: T Shirt
Color: Olive
Cut: Manhattan

The design work displayed on the front of this T-shirt, is to remind us that earth can behold various emotions just as we can. Earth blooms over 391,000 different species of flowers and each flower is matched to a certain emotion or attribute. While the red rose symbolizes love, the yellow tulip is that of sunshine, and the marigold is that of grief and despair. We as human beings are very strong creatures that can use our minds to create life-changing inventions and generate adrenaline in flight or flight situations, yet we are delicate, and can become sick from a microscopic virus. We are more alike to Earth than we know it.

On the back of this T-shirt, the design artwork displays the same cartoon version of earth driving two daisy's in a 1962 VW bus. Earth is traveling through life excited to take every obstacle in its path and take on new opportunities. Daisy's represent innocence and hope. So the daisy's are along the journey as well to indicate what lies in our future.


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