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About am'biSH(ə)n

In 2021, AMBISHEN was established with the idea of bringing a new and a unique experience to the community of fashion. The dream is to create a luxury apparel brand company for the masses and to truly dive deep into the core values of each element of life.


The unique spelling of the AMBISHEN brand name logo was implemented as a metaphor to showcase that everyone born in this world is distinct in our own way, yet we all are together as one.


AMBISHEN was founded by KS. He has thoroughly designed this brand to become present within our lives and to help inspire, encourage, and motivate others to not leave their dreams behind. Visualizing this brand as a piece of his own life, KS found a commonality between us all "ambition." As it flows through our veins sitting dormant waiting to come alive by our own wishes. 


"My drive to be the best version of myself is sourced from my family and friends inspiring and motivating me to do what I love best... and that's making people happy!" - KS


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