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am'biSH(ə)n Experience

The AMBISHEN Experience

AMBISHEN is driven to deliver an experience for its community from start to finish.

Each piece of the collection is intricately designed to behold meaning. First, it begins with an idea. This idea can spark from creative media, delicate scenes from life, or powerful expressions shown around the world. Anything that triggers not only inspiration, but also purpose. Following the idea, is a long study for the right design artworks. Endless revisions are sketched so that each portion of the total artwork is constructed to perfection. Every font style, every color, and every theme is important. 

AMBISHEN does not settle for rudimentary apparel manufacturers that do not innately flow with passion. Every manufacturer can produce a t-shirt, but can every manufacturer dedicate it's time to supplying the world's highest quality clothing fabrics and following ethical standards for sustainability? AMBISHEN has teamed up with one of the best international apparel manufactures worldwide, to meet and exceed our brand expectations of quality. 


A3 - Series Release

AMBISHEN will only release three garments per collection. Each garment within the collection will be accompanied by details that explain the meaning and expressed emotion behind the piece. Each garment will be of custom measurements and custom embroidery.

Pythagoras, the ancient Greek philosopher, taught that numbers were of deep significance; number three being of the most perfect. The number three is the number of the divine; it represents harmony, wisdom, and understanding; and it is sacred in many cultures. The number three represents the basics of time; past, present, future; birth, life, death; beginning, middle, and end. As you see, the number three is not just a number, it is omnipotent. 



We welcome you to luxury.



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